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Check Out Nissan's Super-Cool Pop-Top Electric Camper Van

Custom camper vans are big business. Nissan's latest concept suggests they may cut out the middle man and offer their own.

nissan camper van concept

Here in 2021, delivery vans are going electric, which means the camper van world should follow suit shortly. Nissan, for one, is leaning into it: the brand has just unveiled an all-electric pop-top camper concept, the e-NV200 Winter Camper, which the company says will "bring spark to frosty adventures." (Get it?)

Nissan did not dive into the nitty-gritty details about the concept, but they did reveal that the van has a custom "Nissan Camper Technology Luxury Kit," which includes rooftop solar panels charging a 220-volt on-board battery, an integrated kitchen, a refrigerator, folding beds and insulated glass.

As for the vehicle itself, Nissan notes that the van use s"Nissan's proven electric powertrain technology" that features a "B-mode" for regenerative braking and an "Eco-mode" for reduced energy consumption. It receives some overlanding-themed mods, including "premium off-road tires" and a raised suspension. It also scores accessories like front and rear mudguards.

nissan camper van concept
nissan camper van concept interior

Overlanding and camping have exploded in popularity, especially over the last year, for obvious covid-related reasons. Providing ready-to-go camper vans from the factory is something automakers are exploring. Mercedes, most notably, launched a pop-top camper van last year. Nissan unveiling this concept can likely be construed as gauging interest in the brand doing something like this in the future.

However, if Nissan does start building custom camper vans, it does not look like it will be for the American market. Nissan plans to kill fleet vehicle production in the U.S. this summer. Nissan also revealed the concept on its global news site, but not the American one, which isn't an auspicious sign.


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