The Jeep Wrangler EV May Boast a Name from the Marvel Universe

Could Jeep debut its new electric Wrangler with Sir Ian McKellen behind the wheel?

jeep wrangler electric

Jeep has announced that it will reveal its most revolutionary Wrangler concept ever — a battery-electric-powered version — at this year's Easter Jeep Safari, with a production model soon to follow. The new vehicle will be an exciting landmark in Jeep's evolution. It will bring hope for buyers like me, people who love the Wrangler and grew up driving them but can no longer justify the poor fuel economy. And — at least in concept form — it may have a name X-Men fans will appreciate.

CarBuzz has found that Stellantis filed a trademark application last week for the name Magneto for use in "motor vehicles, namely concept motor vehicles." Magneto, of course, is the name of the X-Men character played by both Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, whose mutant power enables him to manipulate metal with his mind.

Of course, the application could be unrelated to the electric Wrangler. Maybe Stellantis wants to risk Disney's ire for an even more powerful Dodge SRT Hellcat, or a bold new Jeep Compass trim. But one would suspect Magneto is at least under consideration to be the name for the electric Wrangler concept. The name could be a bit out there for a production model...but hey, it would be more interesting than "Commander" or "Patriot."

As for a celebrity tie-in...well, Jeep has pulled off the seemingly impossible the past couple of years, landing Bill Murray and Bruce Springsteen (however briefly) to do commercial spots. So let's just say there's a non-zero chance the new electric Wrangler debuts with Sir Ian absolutely rampaging his way across a rocky trail at Moab.


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