The New Sienna Will Add a Dose of Luxury to Your Next Adventure

Toyota's Sienna Woodland Edition is comfortable, capable and seriously good-looking.

toyota sienna woodland edition

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Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition

There is no reason your ride to the campsite can't be a luxurious one, and with the Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition, it will be. This exclusive version of the Sienna features a new colorway for the line — Cement — which is most notably found on Toyota's TRD-level pickups and SUVs. But don't let its beauty fool you. With its long list of features, the Sienna is up for whatever adventure you have planned. Whether you want to load it up with camping gear, hitch up your bike and head to the trail or just take a joy ride, the Sienna Woodland Edition will not disappoint.

toyota sienna woodland inside

Rugged and Stylish

The exclusive Cement colorway is paired with a black sport-trimmed interior, unique stitch color and dark chrome accents. It's a distinctive combination that makes the Sienna a top choice for those looking for rugged luxury.


With standard all-wheel drive and increased ground clearance, the Sienna inspires confidence even on that narrow icy road up the mountain. Plus, it has room to bring everything from your bikes and camping gear to six of your closest friends.

Go the Distance

The Sienna's class-leading EPA-estimated 35 MPG combined, paired with its 18-gallon tank, means fewer stops and more adventuring. It might be time to start planning the ultimate summer road trip.

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