The In-Car App That Will Help Save You Money at the Pump and Time on the Road

The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor app aims to upgrade your car’s tire pressure–monitoring system with real time data.


All modern U.S.-sold cars are required to have tire pressure–monitoring systems, but for the most part, they don’t go any further than simply flashing a number at you. If your tires are underinflated, you not only pose a danger to you and your neighbors on the road — you also rob your car of valuable MPGs, which costs you at the pump — two undisputed inconveniences, to say the least. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor, a newly launched device with a handy app, aims to upgrade your car’s tire pressure monitoring system with real-time data, letting you keep an eye on pressures and temperatures.

The device is easily installed; it plugs right into your USB port for power, and four sensors replace your stock valve stem caps. Then, you just download the app and sync the device with your phone. The sensors constantly update the app with detailed analytics and tire and PSI stats within tenths of a degree. The app will also alert you of slow leaks in the event you run over a nail or get a small puncture, so you can tend to it as soon as possible rather than be walking out to your car the next day only to discover you have a flat.

Out on the road, on long trips or during the repetitive commutes to work, the fuel consumption adds up, and properly inflated tires can save you precious MPGs. ZUS claims that correctly inflated tires can save you 11 cents per gallon. If you’ve got the time to do the math, you’ll find the ZUS app should pay for itself.

Buy Now: $95 (Launch Day Special)

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