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This Manual-Transmission 1983 BMW 5-Series Would Make Any Enthusiast Happy

For a super pure, joyful driving experience, look to the West…

Go figure it’s in California. I’m partial to New York for what I consider to be obvious reasons — but I’ll readily admit that, with a handful of exceptions, this city is no driver’s paradise. (Unless you’ve got a yellow car with sticky seats and charge people too much for a ride.) It’s hard to drive here, for one. But it’s also hard to find incredible cars, let alone incredible deals on them. This classic Californian 5-Series is older than me by just a hair, but it’s aged just as well. (Okay, fine — it’s aged better, but not by much.)

A quick rundown: 34 years old, just under 150,000 miles (about 4,300 miles per year). A 2.7-liter straight six controlled the way it should be: by a five-gear stick. Disc brakes all around, “99.99 percent rust-free” and in great running order. This, friends, is what driving enjoyment should look like and feel like. A purpose-engineered, seriously designed machine that, when cared for properly, will continue to work perfectly and bring joy to its owners for decades. BMW has over the years touted the German phrase freude am fahren, which means “joy of driving.” This is a classic example of that philosophy, available (probably not for long) for a song. Happy bidding!

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