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You Have One More Day to Save Money on a New Set of Tires

The question is, do you buy ahead for winter or make the most out of the warm weather with some sticky summer rubber.

Eric Adams

Unfortunately, we find ourselves at the tail end of summer with only a month or two before the temperatures drop — and everyone remembers what it’s like for the wind to physically hurt because it’s so cold. Before you know it, worrying about shoveling your car out of a heap of snow the plow truck buried it under will be a regular occurrence. Depressing, I know.

But, the good news is today is the last day you can save money on any set of four tires from Goodyear. So maybe picking up a set of winter tires to make you life less of a frosty hell later in the year is the smart investment. Or, you know, pick up a set of wide, sticky summer tires and enjoy the rest of what these warm days have to offer.

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