The Insane 2018 Ford Raptor Ranger Is an Adrenaline Junkie’s Fantasy Truck

The Ranger is U.S.-bound in 2019; hopefully this version comes with it.

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Bad news first: there’s no word on whether this one’s coming to America, but it’s definitely debuting in Australia next year. And for anyone who is about to scramble to marry into Aussie citizenship, the line starts behind me.

There isn’t a load of details available at the moment, but you likely get the gist: the new Ford Ranger, which is essentially the perfect truck, size-wise, is getting the Raptor treatment. This means it will be the taut sports car of the off-roading world, as opposed to its big brother, the F-150 Raptor, which is demon spawn from the seventh circle of hell — in a good way. That truck can dominate any terrain you might throw at it; the Ranger Raptor, which will get a bankers suspension and tire setup among many other toys, will likely have the same capabilities, only to scale.

The American Ranger is coming in 2019 (look for our review in, say, a year’s time), and I really, really hope that this is it. Because I want to drift around the desert floor and laugh my ass off doing it.

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