4 Reasons Why an EV Should Be Your Next Car Purchase

Improve your life with an electric vehicle.

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When it comes to buying a car, there are many reasons to go electric. For one, it's obviously an eco-friendly way to get around since running your EV won't produce carbon emissions. Moreover, especially considering the rising price of fuel, not having to fill up a gas tank will make you and your wallet very happy. EV charging logistics continue to improve and thanks to the ever-increasing number of charging stations all over the US, you can easily take an EV on that road trip you have been planning–something nearly unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

But there are also other subtle ways that an EV can improve your life, whether you're a city dweller or live in the suburbs. For even more reasons to consider an electric vehicle as your next car purchase, read on below.

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Minimal Maintenance

An electric vehicle's cost of ownership can be significantly lower than that of an internal combustion engine vehicle. There are no oil changes to go through every few months, no spark plugs to wear out, and far fewer fluids to keep topped up. And with fewer moving parts overall, electric motors are simpler and less expensive to maintain than gas-powered engines. Owning an EV means spending less time parking it in the shop and more time driving.

Tax Breaks

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. On some of the most affordable EVs available today, that can amount to around a quarter of the entire price landing right back in your wallet. Check out more information on the EV tax credits here. You'd think an incentive like that would be limited to just a handful of bland choices but it's applicable almost globally–and the number of different EVs is increasing rapidly, so it's a buyer's market in more ways than one.

Easy Driving

Electric motors of course need batteries to power them. Those batteries–lots and lots of batteries–are typically installed in the floorpan of an EV, or in a similar configuration. That amounts to a much lower center of gravity compared to internal combustion engines–meaning easier maneuverability and more responsiveness on the road. Plus, the nature of an electric motor is that 100 percent of its power is available instantly; coupled with an EV's typical smooth, linear acceleration, these elements conspire to make a driving experience that's decidedly more spirited and controlled than many gas-engine cars on the road. What's more, EVs are very quiet, meaning your favorite podcast or playlist just got that much more enjoyable (and audible).

Powering Up

Waiting for the heat to kick in on your car during the coldest months is one of the things we dread most about winter. Most EVs make it possible to heat up the cabin right away. Small conveniences like that are obviously a plus, but there are bigger benefits too: it's easy to install an EV charger in your very own garage, meaning zero trips to gas station, ever–just step out of your house into a completely "fueled-up" car every time.

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