Alfa Romeo's Next Dream Car Could Be Part Sedan, Part Station Wagon

The next Giulia could look dramatically different.

front end of alfa romeo giulia with woods in the background
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo relaunched in America with the Giulia back in 2015. The sedan is best known for the ferocious Quadrifoglio version, which earned instant status as a legendary driver's car with its Ferrari-derived V6. The current model has a few more years left to run. But the next generation could look very different — and not just because it should have an entirely different powertrain.

Recently, British auto magazine Autocar spoke to Alfa Romeo brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato. He said that the Giulia's eventual replacement may not be strictly a sedan. Instead, it could be somewhere in between conventionals body styles, with elements of both a sedan and a wagon.

“I don’t want to give up on the sedan market,” Imparato told Autocar. “It’s in Alfa’s DNA to have a sporty sedan. But I also acknowledge that there were many suggestions that there should be a station wagon version of the Giulia. Maybe there’s a tipping point between the sedan and the station wagon. With a new Giulia, maybe we can have the best of both worlds.”

According to previous comments from Imparato, the next-gen Giulia — when it does arrive — will be electric only. Per Autocar, this model could rival the shooting brake version of the Genesis G70 that's not sold in the American market.

The new Giulia will be part of a broader transition under Stellantis ownership, which should see the brand phase out internal combustion engines by 2027 — and actually unveil some new cars. A sexy new Tonale hybrid crossover is on the way. And reports have the brand going upmarket with a new EV in 2025 that could revive the GTV nameplate and a flagship electric luxury SUV to take on the Porsche Cayenne.


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