Zubr Class LCAC Hovercraft

Holy Craft!


Every so often, you find something so big, you just can’t ignore it (cough). Well, there are watercraft, there are boats… and then there’s the aquatic behemoth known as the Zubr LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushioned) or more commonly known as hovercraft. Easily the world’s largest hovercraft, the Zubr Class LCAC was introduced by the Russians in the 1990s. It has since been modified and is currently used by the Russian, Ukranian and Greek navies. Not to be trifled with, it has a cargo area of 4,300 square feet and can carry three battle tanks or ten armored personnel carriers with 140 troops. Fully loaded, the Zubr Class LCAC can manage an impressive turning radius and hit speeds of 40 knots (nearly 50 mph). In an assault, this sea beast can easily make its way over five foot walls. How about a list of fancy amenities like multiple rocket launchers, four portable air missile defense systems, two 30mm automatic gun mounts, tank ramps, two electric powerplants, three 5.5 meter air reversible and variable pitch air propellers, auxiliary propulsion units, living quarters, an armored command post and sealed combat stations. Now, where’s that guy in the teal cigarette boat that knocked your wife off her Waverunner (cue ‘Jaws’ music here).

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