Lamborghini's Wild Off-Roading Sports Car Is Really Happening

Meet the Lambo of your dreams.

lamborghini huracan sterrato prototype photographed in the desert next to a mountain biker

Lamborghini excited everyone in 2019 with the Huracan Sterrato rally-spec off-roader concept. Hopes were raised further when Huracan Sterrato prototypes were spotted testing, suggesting the Sterrato may be more than a design study. Now, finally, we have what appears to be official confirmation that Lamborghini is planning to bring the Huracan Sterrato into production.

Lamborghini published a video called "Beyond the Concrete," which shows a lifted and cladded Lamborghini Huracan turning off the pavement and doing some drifting over loose surfaces en route to a picturesque Italian villa — as one probably does when you have Lambo money. It's not an explicit statement that Lamborghini is building the Huracan Sterrato. But why commission a video to promote a product you're not building?

We don't know all of the Huracan Sterrato details yet, as Lamborghini opted to provide no text for the video. But we can extrapolate from the concept. It's based on the Huracan Evo and should pack its 631 horsepower 5.2-liter V10. The concept had a wider track, a nearly two-inch suspension lift over the standard Huracan and a retuned all-wheel-drive system. It looks and sounds like the production model is getting a similar treatment.

The Huracan Sterrato should be unveiled soon, likely later this year. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann promised that two Huracan variants were coming. And we've already seen the Huracan Tecnica revealed. Together with two upcoming facelifts to the Urus, the new Huracans may be the last of the pure combustion-powered Lamborghinis. The Italian company is expected to begin the pivot to plug-in hybrid powertrains in 2023 and eventually to all-electric vehicles.

Porsche has also been spotted testing what appears to be a Safari-style 911. That off-road 911 seems to be based on the Carrera model, so it will likely be markedly cheaper and less potent than Lamborghini's offering.


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