Porsche is Recreating a Classic on Its Best Modern Platform

If you look close enough and do the math, it’s actually quite obvious what Porsche is cooking up.


Porsche teased an all-new 911 with a short video revealing design sketches and bodywork in the midst of the shaping process — and hinted at what we can expect. However, if you look close enough and do the math, it’s actually quite obvious what Stuttgart is cooking up.

Smaller outfits like Singer Vehicle Design, RUF and Gunther Werks make a living by taking old Porsches and making them better. And until now, Porsche has stayed out of that game despite the fervor over the resto-modded rear-engined sportscars and the wave of other brands building their own classic recreations.

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Porsche’s video, The Vision. Found and Risen, the first in a series following the build and completion of Project Gold, only gives fleeting details. But in one clip, the designer has a finished sketch of a 911R right next to what’s apparently a drawing of a 933 Turbo S, albeit with minute alterations. The vents along the front bumper and the angle of the headlights are pulled straight from the ’90s icon, as is the side intake and signature sculpted rear wing.

But what do the two have to do with each other? The 911R and 933 Turbo S are two of the most desirable Porsches in modern history. The 933 was the last of the air-cooled Porsches and the 2016 911R essentially marked the end of naturally aspirated Porsche engines, plus it was a modern callback to the analog days of old, pure driving experiences. Combine the looks of the former with the platform of the latter (plus a turbo, maybe…probably) and you have a winning combination. A physical manifestation of the essence of Porsche. Another reason: it’s a no-brainer to put the 911R platform under a 933 Turbo S body — it’s a clear gold mine that will sell for an absurd amount money. (Porsche is only building one example and auctioning it off.) Hopefully, Porsche does more projects like this in the future, just, you know, more than just one.

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