In a World Plagued With Dull Car Colors, Volkswagen Is Offering 40 Different Hues

For $2,500, you can get a hot hatch in pretty much any color you could want.

Look out your nearest window to all the cars parked on the street. What do you see? White? Black? Silver? A slightly different silver? Maybe red or blue? This is an unfortunate truth about modern cars: they’re usually offered only in a few safe, staid shades, with maybe one or two fun options thrown in.

There’s probably a good reason for this: according to Kelly Blue Book, the most popular car color in the U.S. is white, followed by black and silver. The article further states that unpopular colors are more likely to negatively impact resale value. It’s not a stretch, then, to figure that this factors into the decision process when buying a new car and that carmakers don’t think it’s worth it to offer anything other than four shades of white, three shades of silver and two shades of black.

But that’s boring as hell, and Volkswagen seems to see a problem with this. As such, the automaker has announced the introduction of the “Spektrum Program” to the United States, which allows consumers to pick between a whopping 40 different hues — a veritable Sherwin-Williams worth of color. There are a couple of caveats, though: the program is only available on the Golf R, and it’ll tack an extra $2,500 onto the price.

Still, Volkswagen’s Golf R is a superb hot hatch and is likely betting that greater choice in color is going to appeal most to the enthusiast crowd. What’s more, most of the colors are plucked from the enthusiast cars of VW’s past Viper Green Metallic, for example first debuted on the MK3 Scirocco then later showed up on the Lamborghini Huracán. Meanwhile, Deep Blue Pearl was the headlining color option for both the MK4 and MK5 R32. Then there’s Mars Red, which made its debut on the original Golf GTI — that ought to tug at most V-Dubbers heartstrings.


There’s also yellow. There’s orange. There are multiple versions of teal. There’s even purple and magenta. And if vivid ain’t your thing, there are still plenty of great, classy hues here, including three shades of forest green and a couple of different takes on slate blue. Any of them are better than white.

According to Volkswagen, an online configurator allowing buyers (or dreamers) to spec these colors will go up soon, and to get one, you’ll have to go down to your local dealer and order it. Once an order is placed, your car will be delivered in two to four months. Now, Volkswagen, tell us: what does one have to do to get it painted up “Harlequin” style?

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