The Next Bond Car Will Be an Electric Aston Martin and That’s Okay

In reality, Bond driving an EV is fitting, natural, and the right thing to do.


At the behest of director Cary Fukunaga, Daniel Craig will be driving the forthcoming all-electric Aston Martin Rapide E sedan as his “Bond car.” That’s right, James Bond is going electric, and it will be played up like a momentous occasion with scandalized headlines, as though it’s Bob Dylan going electric. But, in reality, Bond driving an EV is fitting, natural and the right thing to do.

The upcoming Bond car isn’t a first-gen Nissan Leaf. The Aston Martin Rapide E will have north of 600hp, which is more than the V12 gas-burning Rapide S. So the Rapide E should have more than enough power in short bursts to extricate the secret agent from one of his henchman run-ins.

A limited-edition Aston Martin deploying the most cutting edge technology the company has to offer is about as Bond as you can get. Hijacking the series for BMW product placement in the ‘90s was a far greater sacrilege.

James Bond, as a silver screen character, is more than 50 years old and Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel came out nearly 70 years ago. Britain, in the interim, has gone from a global Empire to an island of loveable eccentrics. The Bond character has always evolved with and reflected the times. Sean Connery’s Bond was a thoughtless and rampant womanizer. Daniel Craig’s Bond is a chiseled, brooding action hero weighed down by the existential meaning of his own actions and loyalty. About the only common thread through the Bond films is ordering a wrongly made martini.

The 2020 iteration of James Bond would drive an EV. A Tesla would be a bit too common, while a Jaguar E-type Zero would be too delicate. But the Aston Martin Rapide E? It’ll do just fine.

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