Holtkamper Kyte Tent Trailer

Go try a Kyte


Who doesn’t love car camping? All the benefits of the outdoors without having to forego some vital creature comforts. But it can still be a royal pain setting up and breaking down camp. Plus, moving from tent to eating/sitting/chillin’ areas can be not so seamless. The Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer can change all that and bring you into camping Nirvana.

With a unique pole-free awning there are no ingress/egress restrictions and there are no ropes on which to get “clotheslined”. There’s a brilliant carbon fiber mast that keeps everything in place, even during windy conditions. Another great design aspect of the Kyte are the self-bearing roof extensions, which are connected to the awning. They shield the main tent from rain and direct sunlight. Who needs a tarp? The Kyte also has a patented ventilation system called the Membrane Airco Tent system, which allows you to open the roof and let hot air flow out, preventing mold and tent degredation. In cold weather, the membrane retains heat, so you’re covered there, as well. Okay, so what about amenities? How about a king mattress, integrated kitchen with a 3-burner range top, massive 1500 liter luggage storage capacity, folding shelves with drawers and optional refrigerator and water supply. The lightweight aluminum frame and Michelin tires are just icing on the camping cake. Simply, the Kyte makes “roughing it” seem downright uncivilized.

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