You Don’t Need a Massive SUV to Haul the New Airstream Trailers

Airstream just announced it’s bringing back the compact single-axlel Bambi and Caravel trailer lines for 2020.

Earlier this month Airstream announced it’s bringing back the Bambi and Caravel trailer lines for 2020. If you recognize the names, it’s because Airstream first introduced the two mid-sized trailers back in the ’60s as an exercise in compact, efficient design. Now, the company is introducing modern iterations that follow the same philosophy.

The Bambi and Caravel–tipping the scales at just 3,500 lbs and 4,300 lbs, respectively–are ideal for a market filled with ever-growing demand for mid-size trucks and SUVs: They’re large enough to fit a family of four, but light enough to not require a tow vehicle with mountains of torque. The two new mid-size single axle trailers fill the gap between the featherweight two-person Base Camp and Nest trailers and the bigger double-axle six-person-plus units.

On the inside, the floor plan designs cleverly use every inch of the interior without looking cluttered or claustrophobic. Whether that sense of space changes when you’ve got four adults jostling for personal space and room in the galley remains to be seen.

The smaller, more affordable Bambi comes in four sizes, ranging from 16 feet at $48,900 to 22 feet at $57,900. The more well-appointed Carvel comes in the same range of sizes, but prices range from $60,900 to $69,900. Both will be available later this year.

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