This BMW M5 Wagon Is Spectacular, Affordable and the Ultimate Dad Car

This BMW Avus Blue Metallic 1992 M5 Touring from Norway is a rarity.

Rare, awesome cars pop up frequently on Bring a Trailer. We tend to fawn over them. Someone pushes the bidding well into the six figures. What if I told you there was a unicorn BMW for sale, it was a family-friendly wagon, and it will go for a price the rest of us can afford. Check out this Avus Blue Metallic 1992 M5 Touring from Norway.

Why is this car so rare and special? It’s an M5 wagon. BMW only produced “Touring” M5s in the second (E34) and the fourth (E60) generations. Neither were sold in the U.S. as BMW produced relatively few of them — just 891 E34 M5 Touring wagons were built. This wagon also has the later spec S38B38 engine, a 3.8-liter inline six that put out 335 hp. America only got the earlier edition 3.6-liter 310 hp engine.

Finding a clean, unmolested E34 M5 of any vintage is relatively rare. Time and rust take their toll. The E34 generation never increased in value. It’s sandwiched between the original E28 M5 generation (lighter and better balanced) and the E39 M5 generation (V8 and beloved by purists). So, owners drove them and sold them to other owners who drove them. These owners, remember, were manual BMW M5 owners, so many of the cars have been thrashed. The E34 M5’s low price also made it a favorite for aftermarket tuners.

If you can find a good condition E34 M5, it has some superb qualities BMW enthusiasts appreciate. It has a traditional aesthetic, with a boxy front end and rounded headlights. It’s also the last generation of M5s that were handbuilt.

This M5 Touring wagon does have 117,000 miles. Though, with a nearly 30-year-old engine, you want one that has been driven and well-maintained. It’s not the most perfect iteration of the E34 M5 Touring. The later models upgraded from a 5-speed to a 6-speed transmission. There are 20 limited-edition Elektra models BMW sold in Italy. But, the bidding on this one is likely to stay well below $100,000.

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