Gumpert Apollo Enraged

Bubba Gumpert

Sounding like the illegitimate offspring of a British royal and a bare-fisted cage fighter, the Gumpert Apollo Enraged showed up at the Geneva Auto show in all its aggressive fury. The German automaker is famous for the street legal race car, the original Gumpert Apollo, powered by a supercharged 4.2 liter Audi sourced V8 that delivers 690 horsepower in the Sport version. It also happens to weigh in at a mere 2,400 pounds, pushing the car to 60 in less than 3 seconds. Well, the Enraged version does two better and bumps the power to 780 horsepower and drops some precious pounds, making it even quicker and qualifying it as Gumpert’s most powerful car. The wicked cool matte black paint job adds to the panache in a way that flaming red could never do. If they could only do something about the name ‘Gumpert’, which we believe is holding the car back from being just a little bit quicker.

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