The Doubleback

Baby Got Back


At first glance, the Doubleback looks like your average VW Transporter van. Pushing a single button, however, completely transforms the popular European passenger carrier into a home away from home in just under a minute. Thanks to the extra room provided by the extendable pod, the central cabin serves as a fully functioning kitchen, complete with a table, cooker, refrigerator and sink. Factor in the optional captains chairs which swivel around from the drivers cabin along with added headroom from the extendable roof and the Doubleback’s living quarters are surprisingly spacious. Unlike normal VW campers, there’s no need to dismantle the kitchen when it’s time to sleep either, since the rear pod’s 4″ of insulation and optional glass roof form a perfect, purpose-built bedroom, capable of supporting over 500kg in weight or some seriously heavy petting.

Speaking of weight, forget about the pod adversely affecting driving performance. It only adds 150kg to the van’s overall girth and its 2.0l TDi power plant gives the Doubleback a combined mileage of over 36mpg, which is better than most Canyonero’s on the road today. “But doesn’t the pod take up all the internal space, leaving you with very little room for your bikes, surfboards etc?” Nope. Truth be told; the Doubleback modification sacrifices only 20% of the Transporter’s load and carrying capacity. And since the rear door works as usual, it still functions as a regular cargo hauler, with plenty of room to bring four bikes, a motorcycle, or a traveling petting zoo.

The folks at Overlander Motorhomes, based in Cardiff, Wales are the geniuses behind the Doubleback, so currently it’s only available in the UK. There are plans under way to bring it stateside. So don’t give up hope on disguising your pimpmobile aspirations in a classy German shell just yet.

Buy Now: ~$87,000

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