This Sleek Camping Trailer Wants to Help You Save the Planet

Safari Condo’s new travel trailer slips through the wind, making it better-suited to being towed by electric vehicles.

If spending time camping in the great outdoors is among your preferred ways to while away the weekends, odds are good you’re at least a little concerned with environmentalism. After all, it’s in everyone’s interest to make sure the natural wonders we’re enjoying today are still around to enjoy tomorrow, right?

To help push the cause of eco-friendly outdoor livin’ a little further, Canadian travel trailer and motorhome manufacturer Safari Condo has rolled out a new camping trailer that’s made to cut through the air more easily and thus ease the drag (and the drag on fuel economy) on its two vehicle: the Alto A2124.

The newest Safari Condo seems perfect for anyone who wants to bring the comfort of home to the outside world while spewing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the process. The wedge-shaped trailer uses 15 percent less energy while being towed than the company’s existing Alto R1713, in spite of being roughly 900 pounds heavier than the latter trailer.

Still, at 2,743 pounds, the A2124 is still juuuust about light enough to be towed by a regular Subaru Outback (if you’re willing to go 73 pounds over the car’s suggested limit) — or more than light enough to be towed by one of the new 2020 Outbacks with the turbocharged engine. More to the point, it places it well within the 5,000-pound towing capacity of a Tesla Model X — the electric vehicle Safari Condo used to test the camper out on the streets.

But the Alto A2124 doesn’t make its owners sacrifice amenities in the name of saving gas (or electrons). The snug interior still offers a kitchenette, an efficiency bathroom, an eating area, and a reading nook that converts into a bed.

As for how much it costs: in Canada, it starts at $49,665 in loonies, but since Americans can buy it from the factory, the conversion to roughly $36,000 USD is a more applicable measure of how much it costs.

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