The 2020 Subaru Outback May Be New, But It’s Still a Great Deal

In spite of its new chassis and features, the all-new generation of the Outback starts at just $300 more than the outgoing version.


Subaru has unveiled pricing for the new 2020 Outback. Even with the model’s move to the new Subaru Global Platform and numerous performance improvements, the best value family car on the road remains refreshingly affordable. (It’s so affordable, in fact, that unlike many carmakers, Subaru felt confident enough to include the $1,010 destination and delivery costs in the press release’s pricing table, though we’ve used the pre-delivery costs here for easier comparison with other vehicles.)

The 2020 Outback base model begins at $26,645. That’s only a $330 jump from 2019. The better-appointed Premium trim, which will probably be where the bulk of buyers end up, can still be had for under $30,000, at a base price of $28,895. The luxurious Outback Touring starts at $37,345.

One significant addition not present in the 2019 line is the Onyx XT edition, starting at $34,895. The XT models have the upgraded 260-horsepower, 277-pound-foott 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer-four found in the Ascent and other vehicles. The Onyx XT’s presence mollifies the fact that the $37,745 2020 Limited XT trim is nearly $3,000 more than what the equivalent six-cylinder 2019 trim cost. The new fully loaded 2020 Touring XT model will cost $39,695. 

Keeping the 2020 Outback’s sticker cost from rising should allow the sport-utility wagon’s incredible sales success to continue. The outgoing 2019 Outback, despite substantial production quality concerns, remains Subaru’s best-selling model, fending off a charge by the new 2019 Forester. And while most automakers are experiencing sales declines this year, Outback sales have risen three percent year over year in 2019.

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