The New Supra Can Indeed Be Had With a Manual Gearbox

Toyota won’t change its mind about adding a manual transmission for the Supra. But, a Texas tuner is stepping into the breach to provide one.

Toyota has brushed off calls to give the new 2020 Supra a manual transmission. You will take that eight-speed ZF automatic, America, the company seems to be saying, and you will like it. Their latest comments suggest that position has not evolved. But hat refusal has created an opportunity for San Antonio-based tuners European Auto Group, who plan to perform the manual transmission swap themselves, according to plans revealed to CarBuzz on Monday.

EAG, known for converting Ferraris from paddle-shifts to manuals, will pair OEM BMW parts with the B58 engine in the Supra. Each conversion will take 30-45 days, and cost around $12,000 for parts and labor. EAG will also offer a suite of aftermarket Supra mods and partner with Canadian BMW modder ProTuning Freaks to provide a power upgrade to 420 or 430 horsepower.

(One interesting detail: EAG wants the shifter to look like the flip-up shifter from Toyota’s 2017 GR HV concept, concealing a button that activates Sport Mode.)

For those skeptical about subjecting their new sports car to an aftermarket conversion, EAG is looking into offering a four-year / 50,000-mile warranty on the modded Supras to make up for the factory Toyota one that would presumably be voided by the transmission swap.

EAG plans to have a manual Supra on display at its SEMA Show booth in Las Vegas in November.

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