This Overlanding Toyota Camper Van is Made With Land Cruiser Bits

Australia’s Bus 4×4 combines a Toyota HiAce with Land Cruiser componentry to create the ultimate overlanding van.

When deciding on what rig to buy, outdoors enthusiasts often face a tough decision: Go for optimum mobility with a traditional overlanding vehicle, or sacrifice mobility for the style and domesticity of #vanlife? Australian van conversion company Bus 4×4 is offering the best of both with its Toyota Hiace Commuter Campervan.

The base vehicle here is a Toyota Hiace Commuter van. To outfit it for off-road use, Bus 4×4 gives it a four-inch lift and the high-low gearbox from a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (a.k.a. the Lexus GX to us Yanks). It scores limited-slip front and locking rear differentials, along with external off-roading items like a bull bar, tow bar, light bar and snorkel. The 4×4 conversion comes with a 12-month warranty.

Besides the 4×4 capability, it’s a well-appointed van meant to optimize living space. It has a soft-sided tent expansion in the rear, as well as a double-sided kitchen that can be outfitted with a steel sink, a gas burner, a fridge, and a microwave with a full-time dining lounge. It can also be ordered with a portable toilet and external shower hookups, 60-liter water tanks and solar panels.

Bus 4×4 designed this campervan to go anywhere in Australia, which should mean it is rugged enough to access any reasonable Instagram spot. Sadly, though, we can’t snag it here in the U.S. Guess this just gives us another reason to go vacation Down Under.

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