The Land Rover Defender Configurator Is Live, Go Build Your Dream One

You know you want to.

At long last, Land Rover finally launched the new 2020 Defender this morning, and the company didn’t wait long before giving people the chance to figure out just how they’d spec it.  The Defender configurator is now live on Land Rover’s website. You can now build the new Defender of your dreams…provided that Defender is the four-door 110 model that will launch first before the other variants.

Are you a hardcore Land Rover enthusiast? Budget yourself a solid half-hour to 45 minutes to play around with the tool. Configuring your ideal Defender could take a while. Deciding on your accessory packs of choice — Explorer, Adventure, Country, Urban — is a loaded decision. Am I a Whole Foods Defender person or an Arctic expedition Defender person?

That choice is just the start. There are four tiers of both exterior and interior features.  Then there are seven tiers of “options” and an additional five tiers of “accessories.” Each tier can involve myriad decisions. One option tier, for instance, consists of a choice between 10 different packs. Do you know which of seven different types of rooftop gear carriers you want? Do you need the full $1,838 Pet Care and Access Pack, or just the individual components?

Configuring your new Defender could be good fun, and it may be a jumping-off point for some serious self-reflection. But it will certainly sidetrack you at work today.

Build Your Own: Here

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