This Company Will Make Your Custom Land Rover Defender Dreams Come True

A Virginia company is taking orders for some seriously tricked-out Land Rover Defenders.

Time to start thinking about cashing out that 401(k) early. Virginia-based classic car import firm Commonwealth Classics is collaborating with Portuguese restorers Unique Masterpieces on “The Commonwealth Line,” a run of restored, heritage-inspired Land Rover Defenders. Unique Masterpieces will build the trucks, while Commonwealth Classics will import and sell them to U.S. customers.

The Commonwealth Line offers a sumptuous, upscale take on the Defender. Unique Masterpieces sources the importable vehicles from around Europe. They stick with stock engines, but give them a full rebuild. All restoration work but for the custom-dyed canvas tops and leather wrapping is performed in-house by Unique Masterpieces.


Primarily, Commonwealth and Unique Masterpieces will use Defenders produced from 1991 to 1995 using 200 Tdi and 300 Tdi inline-four turbodiesel engines, though they also offer a 3.5-liter V8. They can source Defender 90, 110, and 130 models (including pickups) for a total of 30 different body and top configurations, as well as more than 40 different leather color options.

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Commonwealth offers two different Defender finishes: the standard, more traditional “Heritage Finish,” and a more performance-oriented, design-forward “Signature Finish.” After the finish, customers can add on five different packages. “Performance” adds about 30 percent more power to the engine; “Trail” adds a winch, a hitch, heavy-duty front springs, and locking rear differentials; there’s also “Sound,” “Comfort” and “Tailgate.” (Don’t forget the 16-inch custom-painted Wolf steel wheels.)


Buying a Defender this exquisite is likely a lifestyle decision more than one made because you need a solid off-roader; as such, you likely have some fancier hobbies to go along with it. Commonwealth Classics has you covered. Potential add-ons for the Defender include a bespoke matching two-horse trailer and a cubby containing a cedar-lined humidor. If you want to make this Defender a real gentleman’s club on wheels, you can add some wood flooring.

As one would imagine, you’ll pay for quality. Optioning out a Commonwealth Line Defender won’t come cheap. Defender 90 builds start at $125,000, and Defender 110 builds start at $135,000. That price — more than twice the base cost of a new 2020 Defender — includes a 12-month warranty and 12 months of standard maintenance.


Commonwealth Classics is currently accepting two new Defender builds per month. The production process takes four months. Customers can monitor their build’s progress with a password-protected site, photos, and text updates. You can configure your build here.


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