Yes, You Really Can Buy This Futuristic Superyacht of Camping Trailers

Who doesn’t love a synthetic teak party deck?


Maximizing living space can be one of the biggest challenges in designing a camping trailer. Traditional solutions include a pop-top or an expandable rear compartment; perhaps an awning might be brought to bear. But few designs increase living space more ingeniously than the Romotow camping trailer, now being built by New Zealand-based boat builders.

On the road, the Romotow looks like an ordinary camping trailer. When the trailer is parked, however, things take a distinctly futuristic turn. With the push of a button, the living compartment swings out 90 degrees to reveal a yacht-grade synthetic teak deck. (Hey, they are boat builders.) The transition adds 70 percent more floor space, as well as a spectacular area for entertaining.

The bedroom and convertible living area can sleep four comfortably. With a screen option for the deck, the 290 square foot trailer can potentially sleep as many as eight people.

The Romotow also incorporates state-of-the-art features besides the rotating living quarters. Most notably, it uses a carbon composite chassis that is 25 percent the weight of a steel one. There’s also a high-end stereo that can be heard both inside and out, and up to a kilowatt of solar panel power can be added to the rig.

Buying a Romotow, as one might anticipate, won’t be cheap. According to Curbed, the company is taking orders for a limited run of custom builds. The Romotow starts at $350,000: quite a bit for a camping trailer, though admittedly, not a terrible deal compared to real estate in some parts of the country. You can follow the production of the prototype on Romotow’s Facebook page.

If that’s too much for your blood, there are other choices. For a more cost-effective but still luxurious (and yacht-themed) option, you could consider the Wave from Bowlus Road Chief. There’s also the well-appointed Opus OP 15, which can go off-road and starts at about one-eighth the price.

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