This Camper Van’s Interior Is Made of Lego-Like Blocks for Incredible Versatility

Cheaper and more flexible than most camper van conversions?

For folks who enjoy a life of wandering and exploration, camping vans offer an incredible proposition: the freedom and mobility of a car, combined with the conveniences and comforts of home. But those interiors are always a compromise, often forcing owners to deal with cramped, awkward conditions that can get old after a while on the road.

Happier Camper has found something of a workaround for this, however: make the interior of a camper van as flexible as the interior of a home, enabling owners to reconfigure and optimize their camping machine for the task at hand.

The Happier Camper Adaptiv for Van kit, as it’s called, is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis (though Curbed suggests the company will likely make it available for other vans in the future). The heart of the system is a specialized fiberglass floor replete with 18 evenly-spaced locking ports in a three-by-six grid, onto which fiberglass cubes snap onto in any configuration the owner desires. By stacking the cubes alongside one another and popping the included cushions on top of them, owners can create a bed or a de facto couch. A pair of wheel-well boxes offer permanent storage, while many of the cubes can be used to hold gear, as well.

The van also offers specialized cubes for kitchen use, such as one with an integrated cooler and another with a pantry. Should buyers want to take things even further, there’s a deluxe package that adds on countertop cubes, a refrigerator and a dry-flush toilet (though we don’t suggest using that while anyone is making use of any of the other cubes in the van). Making them even more handy, the cubes can be yanked out of the van and used as seats, storage or whatever else at your campsite just as easily as they can go to work in the van.

It’s not just vaporware, either. While the camper van version only debuted last month, Happier Camper has been using the Adaptiv system in its HC1 travel trailer for some time now. Final pricing hasn’t been announced, but Curbed reports that Happier Camper says it should likely come in around $15,000 for the basic version and approximately $20,000 for the delux setup. With a new 144-inch-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter starting at $41,290, you could have a well-equipped, reconfigurable two-person camper van for $65,000 or so — far cheaper than similar-sized campers sold by Airstream or Winnebago. Sounds like a deal to us.

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