This Mobile Bunker Is the New Forbidden Fruit of Your Camping Trailer Dreams

This camping trailer is ready for a couple’s getaway—or a Mad Max-style hellscape.


Australians build incredibly rugged camping trailers. You can’t traverse the Outback towing anything less. Now, a company called Australian Off-Road has whipped up your latest forbidden fruit camper, the Sierra, which comes in three mil-spec-sounding colors: “Platoon,” “Fighter Jet” and “Desert Storm.”

The Sierra’s distinguishing feature is its “secure bunker,” also known as its queen-sized sleeping area. The capsule is fully lockable, 100 percent dust-proof, and gives occupants the ability to access all three storage compartments from the inside. In other words: if your couple’s getaway weekend suddenly turns all Mad Max, this AOR trailer will have you prepared.

AOR designed the Sierra to go anywhere, with off-road shocks and a back end that slants upward to permit a 40.7-degree departure angle. Once you’re out there, you can stay there: The trailer can be equipped with a side-mounted kitchen, and hold up to 140 liters of water. Fold-out and rooftop tent options can boost the total sleeping capacity to six.

According to New Atlas, pricing for AOR’s Sierra trailer starts at about $29,050. Like many great things in the camping world, though, it’s not bound for the U.S. Those looking for an American equivalent could check out the Opus Op-15. It’s larger, less spartan, and less off-road capable, and you’ll need a larger truck to tow it. Though, with a starting price under $50,000, it will still get you on the trail and off the grid for a reasonable price.

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