Fulfill Your Teenage Dreams With This Nearly-Perfect, Low-Mileage 2004 Subaru WRX

You kept getting older, but this WRX stayed the same age.

The Subaru Impreza WRX was an object of intense fascination for many adolescent males of the early 2000s. (Count me among them.) The WRX is among the most impish cars ever conceived, and it’s hard to find a 16-year-old male who isn’t a budding rally driver at heart. Many of us have gotten a bit softer in the middle since then, and/or lost some dome coverage up top. But we still remember that WRX fantasy — and now, a nearly pristine version of it has popped up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

The Rex seen here is a 2004 Java Pearl Black model with just 17,000 miles. The vehicle was stored in a naval facility when its owner was deployed in 2005. Long term storage isn’t ideal for a car, so some service will be required. On the other hand, this WRX has not been driven hard by the sort of person who would usually own an Impreza WRX — and be likely to exceed speed limits and to get into an accident  — for 15 years, so there’s that.

This WRX does have some modifications. It had about $3,000 worth of work installing an aftermarket exhaust system (almost a given for a Rex). There’s also a helpful boost gauge affixed to the steering column for your 227-horsepower-when-new car. That said, the mods are subtle by the standards of the class; there isn’t a JDM or Calvin-urinating sticker to be peeled off, the rims aren’t Pepto Bismol-pink, and hell, the clean interior doesn’t even look like anyone has vaped in it.

Bidding, as of this writing, has only reached $3,100. Expect interest to heat up toward the end of the auction, though.

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