Meet 5 Cars People Paid Way Too Much For on Bring a Trailer Last Year

Someone paid $230,000 for a Mini? Really?


Bring a Trailer is one of our favorite sites on the Internet. It’s a wonderful place to buy cars, to sell cars, or just geek out over some exquisite rides. It’s also a place where, from time to time, nostalgia can snowball into an unstoppable force and lead to some crazy bidding wars.

Here are five instances from 2019 where the bidding escalated quickly — and got out way of hand.

1962 Austin Mini Beach Car – $230,000

We highlighted this awesome and super rare 1962 Austin Mini Beach Car that had only been owned by a single family back in November. What we did not anticipate was said family selling that car for $230,000. It was one of only 15 such U.S. bound beach cars that were made. It’s hard to quibble with a classic Mini or wicker seats. Still, $230,000…for a Mini?

1970 Datsun 240Z – $124,240

This 1970 Datsun 240Z is a particularly exquisite example of the breed. It won a Gold Medallion award from the Z club in the 1990s, had been displayed at the Whitney Museum, and has been driven just 33,000 miles. Still, this 50-year-old Datsun went for more money than a new Nissan GT-R.

1994 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 – $101,101

The Lancia Delta Integrale hatchback is a rally legend. This 1994 Evo 2 version was the final (and best) production edition. This car would probably be the coolest thing to show up at any Radwood festival. A final day bidding war took the auction north of $100,000, which is…excessive. Only two Deltas have sold on BAT for more than $60,000.

1997 Acura Integra Type R – $82,000

This 1997 Acura Integra Type R inspired us to write about it when the bidding eclipsed $70,000. It wound up selling for $82,000. 1990s cars are riding a nostalgia wave right now; this car was basically a unicorn, being a rare spec with just 6,000 miles. Nonetheless: more than $80,000, spent on a 20-plus-year-old sports car that has less than 200 horsepower.

1983 Jeep Cherokee Laredo – $51,360

This 1983 Jeep Cherokee Laredo had been well-cared-for by a single owner. It featured some period-perfect nutmeg upholstery. A Cherokee Laredo is a bit rarer than a Grand Wagoneer if you’re into 1980s Jeep luxury cruisers, but more than $50,000 for this — enough to buy a modern luxury SUV — seems, for lack of a more fitting term, nutballs.

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