These Tires Will Keep You on the Right Path, Even When You’re Off Road

Nokian Tyres’ new ONE HT tires are designed with performance and safety in mind.

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As you probably already know, not all tires — or tyres if you’re across the pond — are created equal. But finding top-notch tires that go anywhere you do is daunting when all the rubber starts to blend together. Nokian Tyres’ new ONE HT light truck and SUV tires are designed with performance and safety in mind and are built for seamless transitions between bumpy gravel backroads and the jampacked city streets — in any weather. From bulletproof fibers and rigorous testing to stone ejectors and sustainability standards, the ONE HT tires are some of the best out there. We took a closer look at what makes these ties so impressive.

1. Puncture Resistance: There is patented Aramid Armor beneath the Nokian ONE HT’s tread and sidewalls to reinforce it from puncture hazards on the roughest roads. Aramid is the same material that shows up in bulletproof vests and in safety equipment like bike and ski helmets.

2. Stone Ejector Ruggedness: If you’re taking these tires off the beaten path, the stone ejectors will certainly come in handy. Stone ejectors at the bottom of the grooves do just what you’d expect — they help remove rocks. Now, you can dig into the road with durability and traction.

3. Tested to the Limits: The Nokian ONE HT endured rigorous testing around the world, from the frigid Finish arctic to the mountains of Utah to make sure they were up to the task. So you can be sure they are up to snuff when you need them to perform better than the rest.

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