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The Best Off-Road Camping Trailers You Can Buy

Whether you want a little extra storage or an apartment on wheels, these off-road-ready trailers have you covered.

colorado campworks
Colorado Campworks

Off-road camper trailers are, in a word, wonderful. They can offer you the mobile campsite you want, whether that's minimalist gear storage and a tent mount or a full-service affair bringing along many of the comforts of home.

Fitted with all-terrain suspensions and all-terrain tires, they're equipped to follow your Jeep Gladiator, Toyota 4Runner or other overlanding vehicle anywhere you want to go. But parsing your way through the countless options in the off-road travel trailer world can be a bit arduous — so we've pulled together this list of the top trailers for living in once you've taken that right turn off the paved road.

The Best Off-Road Camping Trailers

Colorado Campworks Nomadic System One

Overlanding is about communing with nature, but burning a bunch of fuel for power, heating and cooking feels antithetical to that pursuit. Colorado Campworks has resolved this conundrum with their new trailer, the Nomadic System One (also known as the NS-1). It's 100-percent solar-powered — with up to 11,000 watts of battery storage — but still offers all of the comforts and amenities one would expect from a quality trailer, including badass off-road capability.

  • Length: 12.7 ft
  • Dry Weight: 1,750 lbs

    Opus OP-15


    Sacrifice doesn't have to be part of the off-road trailering experience. The Opus OP-15 sleeps four and cleverly fits all the comforts of home, including a hot shower, a large fridge and freezer and air conditioning, into a footprint that’s smaller than an Airstream Bambi. With a galvanized and welded stainless steel chassis and a trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers, the OP-15 can withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

    • Length: 15 ft
    • Dry Weight: 5,159 lbs

      Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear

      The Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear trailer would make this list based on the name alone. It's super lightweight. At 1,270 pounds, it can be towed by a base-engine Subaru Outback. It’s also versatile, accommodating a full-sized camping kitchen, ample gear storage, and most two or three-person rooftop tents. Options include a mosquito net room and a propane package.

      • Length: 10.7 feet
      • Dry Weight: 1,270 lbs
        Black Series

        Black Series Off-Road Trailers


        Sadly, Black Series off-road trailers have nothing to do with those super-hot AMG models, but don't hold that against them. This originally-Australian brand creates all-terrain trailers that are tough as nails on the outside —packing steel armor, independent suspension and a 360-degree-rotating hitch — yet offer Airstream-like comfort and luxury inside. With both pop-top and full-height models ranging from 20 to 26 feet long, there's a Black Series for just about everyone.

        • Length: 19.6 ft
        • Dry Weight: 4,422 lbs


          Mobi Nomad Mobi X

          Mobi mobinomad.com.au

          Mobi Nomad's Mobi X is tiny on the road, but when parked and unfurled, it offers most of the comforts of home — including a kitchen, bathroom, shower and potential sleeping for two in the interior bed and up to six total Plus, the wide array standard equipment — including a fold-out bathroom with a Sanipotti toilet and an outdoor shower — makes it ready to go pretty much from the moment it arrives.

          • Length: 12.1 feet
          • Dry Weight: 1,676 lbs

            Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

            Setting up a tent while you’re traveling by side-by-side can be annoying and time-consuming. Nevada-based Sunnyside Offroad has a solution: the Boony Stomper. It offers few frills, but it weighs just 600 pounds (depending on options), allowing it to be towed by pretty much any vehicle, including a UTV. Plus, it's specially designed not to impede trail performance, thanks to a custom long-travel suspension and hard-walled, aluminum-sided construction

            • Length: 9.25 feet
            • Dry Weight: 600 lbs

              Australian Off Road Sierra ZR

              Sierra australianoffroad.com.au

              The Sierra ZR is a pared-down version of Australian Off-Road's mobile bunker-like Sierra trailer. It offers pretty much maximum versatility, enabling you to turn it into whatever you want: it can be a fully outfitted mobile campsite with a tent platform, a well-equipped kitchen, fridge and barbecue setup, awnings, even a shower — or, it can simply be a stripped-out rig to store your gear. And with a departure angle of 40.7, it can follow your off-roader pretty much anywhere.

              • Length: 14.8 ft
              • Dry Weight: 1,874 lbs

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