Did You Know Mercedes Sells a Camper Van You Can Control With Your Smartphone?

Raise the roof or set the mood lighting with a few taps on your phone.

Mercedes-Benz brought its new V-class based Marco Polo compact camper van to this year’s Caravaning, Motor, and Tourism exhibition in Stuttgart. The camper van features Mercedes’ new Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) system, which turns the camper van into a “smart home on wheels” that you can control with your cellphone.

MBAC, which will be available in Spring 2020, allows several integral functions to be managed through the smartphone app. It can raise and lower the pop-top roof and open and close the sunroof. It can adjust the heater and coolbox temperature, as well as the sound system and the ambient lighting. It can monitor the water tank levels and the battery charge as well. The same functions can be coordinated through the 10.25-inch center console display.

As you probably suspected, there are no plans to make the Marco Polo itself available for sale in America. However, MBAC will also be available for camper vans, such as the Westfalia James Cook, that use the Mercedes Sprinter Van as a base. Mercedes does sell the Sprinter in the U.S., and companies such as Happier Camper use the Sprinter as a base vehicle. So, the technology theoretically could come here at some point.

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