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Pelican Is Bringing Its Indestructible Cases to the Overlanding World

Wherever you roam, these tough cases will keep your gear safe and dry.


We’d like to think you’ve heard of Pelican and their nearly-indestructible cases — but that’s just because we’re journalists, and we’ve been using their rugged gear to keep our fancy-pants cameras and other expensive gear safe for years now. Whether it’s traveling to the far reaches of the earth or just through the urban madness of Manhattan, we depend on Pelicans to take the blows our equipment can’t.

While you may not have felt the need to invest in one of their tough traveling containers before — it’s a little bit overkill for toting around your socks and underwear, after all — that could be about to change. Pelican is diving into the world of off-roading and overlanding with a new series of cargo cases designed specifically for vehicular use.

The new Pelican Cargo Cases come in eight different sizes, from the $200 BX50 that offers 1.22 cubic feet of internal space to the $400 BX255 that serves up 6.92 cubic feet of storage. They’re designed to be easily attached to roof racks, side mounts, and other overlanding-ready attachment points; sturdy weather-resistant construction and corrosion-proof latches and tie-downs mean you don’t need to worry about the elements taking a toll on them, while their rotomolded bodies can take whatever hits sticks and stones may inflict on the trail.

The lineup goes on sale this spring, but you can peruse the options and prices on Pelican’s website now. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be playing Mental Jenga with them and the bed of our V8-powered Ford Ranger Raptor.


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