This Retractable, Expandable Camper Van Add-On Is Brilliant (and Cheap)

A French camping trailer company brings its expertise to camper vans.


The biggest problem with #VanLife is living with such a tiny amount of space. French manufacturer Beauer, known for its tiny, expandable teardrop trailers, has an innovative solution for that. The company is bringing its telescoping vision to the world of camper vans with the X-Van, which debuted at this year’s CMT show in Stuttgart.

The X-Van is a compartment that expands outward from the back of the camper van, extending the floor area by about three feet to provide a double sleeping compartment. This expansion happens electrically with the push of a button. The X-Van can work with a variety of vans — and possibly even some larger SUVs, though we’d suggest measuring your cargo bay carefully before attempting an installation.

This innovation offers the space of a larger van when parked, and the maneuverability of a smaller van while driving. Installing the unit only takes about 10 minutes; it can also be removed fairly easily, allowing the van to convert back to everyday use easily.

Best of all: unlike some of our favorite camper vans, adding functionality with the X-Van will be surprisingly affordable. According to New Atlas, the package will start at a little over $7,600. Beauer can add a pop-up roof conversion for an additional $8,700 and a kitchen module for about $430, if you’d like to flesh out your camper van.

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