Legacy Power Wagon

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Legacy Power Wagon

If you hanker for an impressive triumvirate of modern technology, off-road chops and vintage style, look no further than the utterly desirable Legacy Power Wagon ($114,950+). Need to pull out King Kong’s molars? This would be your truck of choice.

In two or four-door format, the Legacy Power Wagon (by Legacy Classic Trucks) is based on a vintage Dodge Power Wagon — and fully restored and upgraded like upticking from a bottle rocket to an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. There are two engine options: the 425 hp Mopar V8 or a Cummins Diesel with a tectonic-plate-moving 480 lb ft of torque. A standard and automatic transmission (and even a robust Allison transmission) are available. Each Power Wagon comes with an impressive array of standard features, including front- and rear-locking diffs, long-travel Bilstein shocks, a 16,500-lb front mounted winch and vintage style Rotisserie Paint with a lifetime warranty.

And if that list isn’t good enough, you can configure your model to your heart’s content both inside and out, but beware –a few check marks bring you to $180K territory. Options such as supercharging, retractable side steps, long range fuel tanks and roll cages will have you digging even deeper into your pockets. Whatever flavors your choose, the Legacy Power Wagon will work with you to develop the Hurricane Sandy rescue/Zombie crusher/hybrid-eater truck of your dreams.

Buy Now: $114,950+

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