There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy the New Toyota Supra

How do cash on the hood and sweetheart lease deals sound to you?


When the Toyota GR Supra launched last year, it did so under the weight of great expectations. And while many product planners might falter under that load, Toyota (and, credit where credit’s due, BMW) whipped up a remarkable sports car that delivered all the style, speed and fun buyers had hoped for. And as a result, dealers seemed all too happy to jack up the prices on early editions to sky-high levels.

How times change. Remarkably, you can now score thousands of dollars off the price of a new Supra, thanks to Toyota’s own incentives.

Blame — or really, credit — Toyota’s unexpected decision to give the Supra a hefty upgrade or two for its second model year, including the addition of a cheaper four-cylinder model and a new, more powerful inline-six in lieu of the 2020’s ostensibly-335-horsepower unit. That change means the 2020 Supras still on the lots are about to look far less compelling; so, to clear out the deadwood, so to speak, the carmaker is stacking cash on the hood of the one-year-old sports car.

As Cars Direct discovered, Toyota is now offering a $2,000 hidden dealer cash incentive on 2020 Supras, which amounts to nearly 4 percent off the cost of the car. That comes on top of low-APR financing in some regions; buyers in the Southeast, for example, can score a Supra loan at 2.9 percent APR for 60 months, or 3.49 percent APR for 72 months. In adidtion, Toyota’s coronavirus-related relief efforts mean you don’t need to make a payment for 90 days.

Or, if you’d rather not take on the burden of owning a BMW-powered sports car, you can also choose from special Supra lease deals for the first time. Down in the Southeast again, if you drop $3,878 down at signing, you can take a Supra 3.09 Premium home for $579 a month for three years, so long as you can hold yourself to 12,000 miles per year. Here in our home state of New York, meanwhile, you can snag a Supra (based on the description, the top-trim launch Edition) for $609 per month with $4,999 down, with an allowance of 10,000 miles per year.

These offers end May 4th, according to Cars Direct, so we wouldn’t dilly-dally if these bargains have you tempted to snap up a Supra. Then again, there’s always a chance Toyota will be offering even better deals on whatever 2020 Supras are left come May 5th…

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