This Gorgeous, Super-Luxury Camping Trailer Can Last for 2 Weeks Off the Grid

Bowlus Road Chief has made some game-changing upgrades to their best model.

The folks over at Bowlus Road Chief build exquisite luxury Art Deco camping trailers. And in spite of their timeless looks, these rolling masterpieces are constantly improving. Case in point: the company just announced a new upgrade to their Endless Highways Model, called the Endless Highways Performance Edition.

The most significant change from the standard Endless Highways model is that the Performance Edition doubles the on-board battery capacity, from 4 kWh to 8 kWh. As a result, the trailer can now operate for two weeks off the grid, instead of one. It can also power the air conditioner on battery juice alone for eight hours in 100-degree-Fahrenheit heat, instead of just four. The goal is to have enough juice for owners not to have to worry about consumption at all.

The Performance Edition provides other helpful modifications, too. It adds two skylights for additional natural light, and comes equipped to set up an outdoor kitchen, with a 110-volt electrical outlet and propane outlet on the exterior. That outlet, in addition, can be used to deliver an emergency charge to an electric car, theoretically adding as much as 16 miles of range.

You can order the Endless Highways Performance Edition in Bowlus Road Chief’s two signature colors: Wyoming Saddle and Windswept Sand. The trailer above is a customized Wild Succulent version, which can be ordered through their bespoke customization program (which, presumably, can accommodate color ideas not beginning with W and S). Pricing for the Endless Highways Performance Edition starts at $225,000, a $35,000 premium over the standard version.

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