There’s a Very Unusual Discount on the Toyota Supra Right Now

Toyota has a great offer available on the Supra, but it’s only for one hyper-specific group of buyers.


The coronavirus pandemic, for now, has automakers offering fantastic deals to move inventory — whether it’s 0 percent APR financing for long loan terms or massive cash savings on certain cars. Even traditionally deal-averse holdouts like Toyota are giving way; last week, for example, the carmaker started offering a cash discount on the Tacoma. Now, CarsDirect has found a discount on the Supra, too — but it’s not like most deals.

Toyota, according to CarsDirect, has been offering dealers a $5,000 discount on the Supra. But it’s not the customary money the dealer can then turn around and give to customers; It’s $5,000 only for dealer employees to buy Supras for themselves. If that weren’t weird enough, Toyota appears to be gifting that deal only to dealerships in Southern California.

Anyone who isn’t  aSoCal-area Toyota dealership employee isn’t entirely out of luck. Toyota has been offering hidden dealer cash discounts of $2,000 on the Supra that are transferrable to customers, which is significant…though not as sweet as the $5,000 discount.

Why discount the Supra? Buying a $50,000-plus two-seater sports car is, almost by definition, a frivolous automotive purchase that most buyers can postpone; Toyota dealers, on the flip side, are likely more familiar with the GR Supra’s awesomeness than most, so they might be more inclined to spring for one given the suitable chance. It’s also possible many Supra customers would be inclined to wait for the 2021 models anyway to choose between a more powerful six-cylinder and a cheaper four-cylinder.

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