The Ford Bronco Has a Trick Up Its Sleeve the Jeep Wrangler Lacks

The Bronco showed off an off-roading trick that the Toyota Land Cruiser can do…but the Jeep Wrangler can’t.

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Bronco Nation

Ford’s launch of the new Bronco, initially scheduled for March, has been delayed (for obvious reasons). That said, little has been left to the imagination, what with the leaked photos and information that have already been revealed. What we do have now, though, is some video of the new Bronco SUV doing cool off-roading things in tricky Georgia clay — including one hardcore move even the Jeep Wrangler can’t do.

Quasi-official Ford site Bronco Nation posted a video of the new Bronco doing some mud-testing in Georgia. At around 0:24 in the video, the Bronco does what off-roaders term a “front-dig.” Basically, the car can lock the inside rear wheel while spinning the inside front wheel to perform a tight-radius turn.

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The Toyota Land Cruiser can do a brake-activated front dig while crawling with its turn assist feature. A Jeep Wrangler, however, would need aftermarket rock crawling modification to be able to do it.

The video is the latest testament that Ford is going all-in to attract enthusiasts with a seriously capable off-roader. Whether that effort, the vintage Bronco nostalgia and some sweet removable doors are enough to challenge the tried and tested Wrangler for buyers remains to be seen.

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