Dreaming of a Vintage Stick-Shift Mercedes? You Can’t Beat This Benz

W124 Mercedes sedans are legendarily bulletproof…and this one has a five-speed-manual.


Mercedes-Benz tends to be ahead of the automaker curve on many things. Unfortunately for driving enthusiasts, one of those was realizing most buyers didn’t want a stick shift.  While BMW and Audi kept putting them in just about everything well into the 2000s, Mercedes, for the most part, had culled manuals from its American lineup by the Clinton administration.

Stick-shift Benzes that aren’t a base model C230 Kompressor or C300 are rare. But they do exist, and an interesting one just popped up for auction on Bring a Trailer: a 1994 E320 sedan with a five-speed manual.


This sedan is a late-model W124, which many claim is one of the best cars Mercedes ever made. It was the last in the line of incredibly over-engineered and durable Mercedes cars, built not just for performance, but to last forever. The line sparked several iconic Mercedes cars like the Porsche-built 500E.

Now, this E320 is not the classic one-owner, low-mileage used gem of a Mercedes. It has 123,000 miles on the clock, it’s not hard to imagine the sort of miles a person who tacks on an aftermarket body kit and exhaust and (what some Bring a Trailer commenters believe to be fake) OZ wheels would add.

But high mileage should worry you less with a W124 Mercedes than most cars. And, as of this writing, its incredible cheapness may alleviate any concerns. It has had only one real bid up to $4,000 — although that may change, with four days remaining on the auction.

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