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A Toyota Sienna Camper Van Could Be Your Affordable Ticket into #Vanlife

You don’t need a full-sized van for camping fun.

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Diving into the camper van world may sound exciting, at first blush — but when you think about it a little longer, it’s not hard to find a few details that might harsh your buzz. Camper vans are usually based on full-size vans, which tend to be large and thirsty — with the associated maneuvering difficulties and fuel economy pain you’d expect. Plus, in many cases, those tall roofs can be a pain when dealing with parking garages.

So if you really don’t need a condo’s worth of living space out of your rolling vacation mobile, a Toyota Sienna camper van build by Oasis Campervans could be just the ticket.

In spite of the comparatively tidy proportions of a minivan, Oasis Campervans managed to cram all the comforts of home into the Sienna — though admittedly, you can’t use them all at once. When the memory foam mattress-equipped double bed is deployed, it lies on top of the stowed living/dining room setup. Fold the bed away, and it turns into a bench seat that can be used while eating from the pop-up swiveling table that serves as part of the bed frame when tucked away. (There’s also a fixed, forward-facing chair, perhaps in a nod to the Toyota Sienna office conversion.)

Open the rear hatch, and you’ll find a stainless steel sink with storage for up to a gallon and a half of water, an expansive countertop for prepping food and a fold-out table for even more space, and a bevy of drawers and storage compartments, including ones for a two-burner camping stove, drinking water container and refrigerator or cooler.

To elevate your camper van above the one that Matt Foley lives in down by the river, Oasis Campervans also adds hardwood laminate flooring to the interior to accompany the finished cabinets (made from your choice of oak or birch), as well as marine canvas curtains that are custom-made for your vehicle to block out the sun’s harsh rays.

Not enough there to seal the deal? Here’s the kicker — or rather, two of them: the entire conversion costs just $8,500, and it’s completely reversible; you can remove the entire camping setup and pop the original seats back in if you need to cart a basketball team around. (Oasis Campervans doesn’t say how easy this is, however, so it may not be the sort of thing dad can knock out in his garage in 15 minutes.)

Now, Oasis Campervans doesn’t seem to restrict itself to Toyota Siennas; there’s nothing about this project that seems as though it would prevent you from building one out of a Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Odyssey, if you so desired. But considering Siennas are plentiful on the used car market, pack legendary Toyota reliability and offer all-wheel-drive, a secondhand Sienna seems like the perfect candidate for your entry into the wonderful world of van camping. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to browse eBay Motors.

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