The Ford Bronco Will Have a Very Unusual Manual Transmission

Who needs low range when you have a super-low gear below first?


Ford has taken what feels like an eternity to deliver the new Bronco. The company announced it was coming back in January 2017 — which, believe it or not, was before Donald Trump took office. After many, many teasers, Ford eventually planned a March reveal… only for that to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It should emerge next month, finally.

In the meantime, reporting and leaks have been rampant. We’ve seen what the new Bronco will look like, and we know many of the granular details. Now, it seems one of the major ones may have just been confirmed.

TFLCar has published photos of what appears to be the seven-speed manual shift knob from the new Bronco. In normal driving, it will function as a six-speed manual. But it has a seventh crawler gear — off to the left of 1-2 and designated with a “C” — for low-speed obstacle clearance. The photos also show that at least some Bronco trims will have lockable front and rear differentials and be able to disconnect the sway bar.

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Ford, noting its off-roading cred built up with the F-150 Raptor, has gone on record saying it believes the Bronco will be a “much superior product” to the iconic Jeep Wrangler. The features above and video Ford itself leaked of some advanced off-roading maneuvers suggest that claim may not be entirely off base.

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