That Perfect Jeep Grand Wagoneer You’ve Always Wanted Is Right Here

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is the granddaddy of luxury SUVs. And this one has fewer than 40,000 miles.

The Wrangler is the iconic Jeep but, for much of the 20th century, the brand’s flagship was the full-size cruiser eventually called the Grand Wagoneer. It was perhaps the first luxury-oriented family SUV, predating the Range Rover by seven years. The Grand Wagoneer stayed in production on the same platform for nearly three decades, under three different Jeep ownership groups. It was the coolest car to have on Nantucket in the late 1980s and early 1990s and it remains a favorite for vintage off-roader enthusiasts.

Perhaps the perfect Grand Wagoneer just popped up for auction on Bring a Trailer. It’s a 1990 model, which, but for a low volume run in 1991, is about as new as you can get. It has fewer than 37,000 miles, legitimately on a six-digit odometer. It has had one owner after spending time as a showroom vehicle. It also underwent a cosmetic refurbishment with a new factory dark blue paint job and replacement woodgrain trim panels. For those seeking the authentic early 1990s SUV experience, it even includes a box of cassette tapes, from an owner who enjoyed more than a bit of Billy Joel’s oeuvre.

Of course, there is one problem. People pay silly money for Grand Wagoneers in fine fettle. And this one will be no different. Bidding is already up to $30,000, mere hours after the SUV went live. It should go much higher, though maybe not as high as the new version coming in 2022.  But if you’re looking for more of a budget option, BAT has another Grand Wagoneer with 83,000 miles on the site, and the bidding there has only reached $2,100.

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