Breakdown: Land Rover Defender LXV 65th Anniversary

Sometimes being American causes us great pain, especially when it comes to rides we can (1) never afford (which seems to occur often) and (2) never see in the States.

Yes, you can drool. Roll over the points to see the breakdown. | Land Rover

Sometimes living in America can really suck, especially when it comes to (1) rides we could never afford (which seems to occur often) and (2) rides we never see in the States. Like a hot poker in the eye, Land Rover has issued a celebratory 65th Anniversary all-terrain yak known simply as the Land Rover Defender LXV (~$44,500), which sadly will not be sold to us revolutionaries. The iconic Defender has seen service the world over in military, medical and law enforcement applications due to its extreme utility and off-road capability. It’s never been a bastion of technology, but this beast’s cage-fighter toughness is legendary. In this latest iteration, the LXV is limited to a very short run of 65 cars — meaning it will simply be a spectator sport for us as we sit stateside and drool uncontrollably. Get us a hankie and some anti-depressants, please.

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