Porsche Just Unveiled a Shocking Number of Never-Before-Seen Concept Cars

Porsche unleashed a raft of design concepts. They include a van, an off-roading 911, and a V2 engine.

porsche le mans living legend concept

Porsche builds some of the greatest cars in the world. But their design studio doesn't just make production cars; it also mocks up fascinating designs for concepts the brand could theoretically build. Many of those have not been seen before by the public; until now, however. Porsche is now releasing them as part of a project called Porsche Unseen.

Below are a few of our favorites, including a van, an off-roading 911, and a V2-powered (you read that correctly) sports coupe.

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Porsche 911 Vision Safari
porsche 911 vision safari

This model from 2012 was a reinterpretation of 1970s 911 rally cars with a raised suspension and Martini livery.

Porsche Vision Spyder
porsche vision spyder

This Spyder hard model was a 2019 design study meant to study features like the modern version of the roll bar.

Porsche Vision Renndienst
porsche van concept

The Renndienst hard model is a futuristic six-seater electric van model Porsche whipped up in 2018. It's probably not practical for fleets, though we certainly would want one.

Porsche 919 Street
porsche 919 street concept

This clay model was intended to be a road-going version of Porsche's Le Mans-winning 919 race car.

Porsche Le Mans Living Legend
porsche le mans living legend concept

This 2016 clay model is a modern, mid-engined V8 take on the Porsche 550 coupe.

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Porsche Macan Vision Safari
porsche macan vision safari

This 2013 model is an off-roading, two-door Macan with chunky fender flares. It looks sort of like Porsche trying to make a prettier version of the Isuzu Vehicross.

Porsche 904 Living Legend
porsche 904 living legend

From 2013, this is a model of a lightweight sports coupe using a 1.2-liter Ducati V2 motorcycle engine.

Porsche Vision 920
porsche vision 920

This model from 2019 is a what-if futuristic single-seater hypercar building on the 919.

Porsche Vision 916
porsche vision 916

This clay model from 2016 is all-electric racer inspired by the Porsche 916 prototype from the 1970s.

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