The Mercedes-Benz EQG: Everything You Need to Know

Mercedes's iconic boxy SUV will be going electric. Here's a roundup of what we know so far.

mercedes benz eqg from the rear
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Whether you call it the G-Wagen or the G-Wagon, it'd be hard to argue against the notion that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most capable all-around vehicles on the market, cramming luxury, status and exceptional on-road and off-road performance into a single iconic package. The one thing it can't do is consume fuel efficiently. Averaging just 14 mpg combined, the Gelandewagen is one of the worst-polluting passenger vehicles on sale in America.

That's about to change. The G-Wagen is going electric. Mercedes unveiled the Concept EQG in Munich in September 2021. And a production version is planned for 2024.

Here's what we know about the Mercedes EQG.

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The Electric G-Class will be called the EQG
mercedes eqg concept

Mercedes is using "EQ" branding to delineate its EVs. Just as the company will launch EQS and EQE sedans, the G-Wagen equivalent will be the EQG. If naming the preview the Concept EQG was not enough of an indicator, Mercedes-Benz has filed trademark applications in Europe for EQG 560 and EQG 580.

The EQG will be based on the combustion G-Class
mercedes eqg concept

Mercedes has confirmed that the EQG will be built on a modified version of the combustion G-Class's steel ladder frame chassis. Emmerich Schiller, CEO of the new "G" sub-brand, described the platform to Autocar as "two skateboards with the same hat on top." Expect the EQG to receive a unique front bumper and an illuminated black panel in place of a grille like other EQ vehicles.

The EQG will use a quad-motor system
mercedes benz eqg concept from the side

Mercedes has confirmed the EQG will pack a quad-motor system. Each motor will be able to offer high and low-range gearing. The motors will be able to simulate three locking differentials. And the entire power output can be sent to an individual wheel if needed. Compact motor packaging at the front will give the EQG a better turn radius than the combustion G-Class.

Mercedes has not confirmed power outputs or electric range yet. But at least one version will be able to match the G63 for off-road performance and top speed.

The Mercedes EQG will get next-gen battery tech
mercedes benz concept eqg
Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes announced that the G-Wagen will be their first vehicle to offer next-gen battery tech developed with the American firm Sila. The silicon anode chemistry batteries promise a 20-40% improvement in energy density — allowing a manufacturer to get the same range with a smaller pack or more range from a similar-size pack.

The technology should debut as an optional range-extended option for the EQG around "mid-decade."

The Mercedes EQG can do a tank turn

The Mercedes EQG has a "G turn" function that will allow it to spin 360 degrees in place. The turn is controlled via steering wheel paddles.

The EQG may not have a rear-mounted spare wheel
mercedes eqg concept

The rear-mounted spare tire is a common feature of boxy, body-on-frame off-roaders like the Ford Bronco, the Jeep Wrangler and the current Mercedes G-Class. The Concept EQG does not have one but offers a visual link to the spare wheel cover with a lockable storage box — perfect for storing the charging cable. But a prototype testing in a Mercedes video did have a functional spare tire.

The Mercedes EQG will enter production in 2024
mercedes benz concept eqg
Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes used futuristic imagery for the Concept EQG. But the production EQG is not that far away. Motortrend confirmed Mercedes will start building the EQG in 2024.

Technically, the EQG won't be the first electric G-wagen
arnold schwarzenegger in an electric g class

There's at least one electric G-Class already kicking around. Back in 2017, Arnold Schwarzenegger paid $1 million to Austrian tuners Kreisel Electric for a custom electric-converted Mercedes G-Class. He posed with it.

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