The Ferrari Purosangue: Everything You Need to Know

Yup, Ferrari's making an SUV. Here's why you shouldn't worry.

ferrari purosangue teaser

The unthinkable is happening: Ferrari is making an SUV.

Okay, maybe it's not that unthinkable. After all, these days, Lamborghini makes an SUV; Bentley makes an SUV; Rolls-Royce makes an SUV; Aston Martin makes an SUV; hell, Porsche makes two SUVs. And while traditionalists have cried and moaned, adding four-by-fours to their lineups hasn't hurt any of those makers; if anything, adding a profitable high-riding family car has raked in new profit streams that have helped them build better sports cars than ever before. So it's not surprising that publicly-traded Ferrari is following suit.

Ferrari's SUV, which will be called "Purosangue" — Italian for "pure blood," an apparent attempt to assure potential customers that it'll be deserving of the Prancing Horse — hasn't yet been revealed, but there's still plenty of info out there about it, including a promise from the brand's CEO that the new SUV will exceed customers' expectations and be "100 percent Ferrari." Here's what we know so far.

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The Ferrari Purosangue will revealed in September 2022

Ferrari released its first official teaser image for the Purosangue on social media, showing the car's front end. That post noted that the new SUV will be revealed in 2022, which had previously been mentioned in a Ferrari sales report. Ferrari has confirmed it will debut the Purosangue in September 2022.

Don't expect the Purosangue to look like a traditional SUV

Ferrari should take a different route with the Purosangue than Lamborghini took with the Urus. Spy shots of the Porosangue primed us for sleek, sporty, wagon-like proportions. Think more supercar-meets-Subaru Outback (or Audi A6 Allroad) vibe than old-fashioned SUV. What appears to be leaked photos of the Purosangue front and rear — if valid — confirm that.

The Ferrari Purosangue will get a V12 engine

Ferrari teased a V12 engine for an upcoming vehicle it had to clarify was "unmistakably Ferrari at heart." And the brand has confirmed that V12 power is coming to the Purosangue as a way to distinguish it from the luxury SUV competition.

But there'll also probably be a V8 version
ferrari purosangue suv crossover rumor teaser images

The V12's days are likely numbered, though, due to increasingly tightening emissions regulations and other obstacles. Besides, some buyers prefer their everyday cars with more tractable turbo V8 power; that's why Ferrari offers the GTC4Lusso in both V8 and V12 forms, and that's why it's expected to do so with the Purosangue — although the SUV will likely boast a hybrid version for added efficiency and usable power.

Electric spinoffs will likely follow
ferrari purosangue suv crossover rumor teaser images

These days, you can't plan out new cars without planning to make them electric at some point. As such, according to CAR, Ferrari is already planning EV variants — perhaps different sizes, perhaps different shapes — for the 2024–2026 timeframe. These will likely be the first all-electric Ferraris...but almost certainly not the last.

Will the Purosangue get all-wheel-drive? Of course
ferrari purosangue suv crossover rumor teaser images

Ferrari first brought AWD to its lineup more than a decade ago with the FF, and it's been a staple of the company's large GT hatchbacks since. Considering that four-wheel-grip is basically de rigueur in the SUV segment, we assume the Purosangue will be so equipped, as well. It remains to be seen, however, whether it'll use the FF/GTC4Lusso's complex system (which integrates a second gearbox for the front axle) or a simpler setup.

Autocar expects the Purosangue to get a height-adjustable adaptive suspension, an anti-roll system for better stability on and off-road and higher ground clearance than a typical Ferrari. It won't follow a Jeep Wrangler up the Rubicon Trail, but there may be a gravel road en route to the ski chalet.

The new SUV will probably be based on the Ferrari Roma platform
ferrari purosangue suv crossover rumor teaser images

Ferrari, like most automakers, is consolidating platforms to save money. Per Autocar, the Purosangue will run on the Ferrari platform for front mid-engine GT-style cars like the Roma. That platform is fairly flexible, so don't expect it to share much apart from the distance between firewall and engine.

Escaping New York in the Ferrari 812 GTS
ferrari 812 gts george washington bridge
Hunter S. Kelley

Appreciating fresh air takes on a whole new meaning behind the wheel of a drop-top V12 Ferrari.


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