Make This Perfect Honda Your First Vintage Motorcycle

The idea of owning an old motorcycle can be daunting…until a bike like this ’76 Honda CB750 comes along.

Considering the worlds of classic cars or vintage watches are expensive cultures to climb into, you’d be forgiven for thinking vintage motorcycles are the same. Of course, that can be true; pre-war Harley-Davidsons, old Indian flat trackers, and any bike Steve McQueen ever sat on can easily sell for six figures. Then again, there are motorcycles like this ’76 CB750 K6, up for sale right now on Bring a Trailer.

Honda introduced the CB750 in ’69, and it almost instantly started outselling the British and Italian sport bikes of the era. Billed as the first superbike, the CB750 quickly earned well-deserved kudos, but more importantly, it was affordable, widely available, and easy to ride—all of which makes it the perfect avenue to jump into vintage motorcycles today.

Since Honda produced 400,000 CB750s from 1969 to 1979, there’s no worry about the rarity factor driving up the asking price, as often happens with vintage vehicles. The CB750 was engineered for simplicity; not only did that help Honda produce such large numbers, but it also contributed to the bike’s legendary reliability and endurance. It also means there’s an abundance of spare parts, making the motorcycle cheap and easy to work on when something does need fixing.

This particular CB750 was under the original owner’s care until 2016, and has only changed hands twice since. Although the bike isn’t entirely original, it’s not heavily (or distastefully) modified either, coming equipped with aftermarket air filters, custom exhaust and dirtbike-style handlebars. The current owner rebuilt the carburetors, replaced the spark plugs, and adjusted the valves, cam chain and ignition timing to get it running smoothly. The Nippondenso gauge cluster is also in immaculate condition and free of any cracking—which, for a 43-year-old motorcycle, is like finding your grandfather’s wrist watch still ticking after years at the bottom of a sock drawer.

If you like the idea of owning a vintage motorcycle but are wary of the price, the cost of ownership, or the reliability headaches associated with old motorcycles in general, this Honda CB750 is worth a look. (Not to mention this motorcycle is drop-dead gorgeous.) And as of this writing, the current bid is only $2,500.

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