Two-wheeled Blitzkrieg

BMW Motorrad

BMW motorcycles are some of the finest two-wheeled machines made and the new BMW HP4 is testament to that end. Based on the killer S 1000 RR, the HP4 is pure performance. Powered by a 4-cylinder 1000cc engine with a monstrous 193 horsepower output (more than my car, a BMW E46 325Ci). Yeeowch.

The HP4 (for High Performance) is designed for speed and handling, not a trip to the convenience store. With the world’s first dynamic suspension (DDC), the HP4’s setup enables it to automatically adjust based on conditions. Rain, Sport, Race and Slick are all available settings on the HP4, and in Slick mode, the suspension can be adjusted even further. The HP4 also comes standard with ABS, traction control and even launch control. The beautiful white and blue paint job only adds to the wonder of this track monster. Don’t look to your local BMW Motorrad dealer for this hyper-exclusive bike, since only a handful will be produced. Oh, the pain.

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